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Empowering Youth in Business

EYB is a student-led organization that strives to provide free workshops, lesson plans, tutoring, and competitions in fields related to business, entrepreneurship, and economics to youth in the US. Everything is virtual to make things easier for both our students and volunteers!


About Us!

Who we are and what we do:

Empowering Youth in Business, otherwise known as EYB, is a student-run organization that strives to offer underprivileged youth in the United States with free business, entrepreneurship, and economics resources and opportunities. High-schoolers are welcome to become a part of our EYB team by applying as a student volunteer to help provide free virtual workshops, tutoring, curriculum, lesson plans, and competitions. Our mission is to inspire both underprivileged youth and student volunteers to share their passion for business and inspire one another to think like true business men and women. Although we are Bay Area-based, we encourage volunteer applications from all over the world.

Hear From Our Parents and Students!

Chetana M.

"I liked that the session was very detailed. I learned about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what characteristics you need to be a good entrepreneur. One thing I liked about the resources were that there were many examples,  which helped to understand the subject better."

Kim M.

"I would like to first say thank you for the opportunity my kids had to be part of this program. My kids enjoyed the most that the classes were taught by young volunteers; it makes the experience enjoyable when it feels like a friend who is going through the lesson with you. The volunteers were very responsive and made every effort to make sure my kids learned."

Vimalini P.

"I would like to say that the seminars are great for students in grades 7/8. I would say it is very knowledgeable and should be encouraged among today’s youngsters. This teaches them of how to manage money, and also gives them a better knowledge of business. All the seminars we attended were very well done."

Rochelle M.

"My daughter liked it despite it being around 30 minutes or even quicker. Although given that short amount of time, it was very informative. Thanks for this opportunity!"

Hear From Volunteers!

Yoharic C.


Empowering Youth in Business has been an opportunity to reinforce my knowledge and share it with others who seek that knowledge. Volunteering in this organization has given me a chance to experiment with various fields that I have not experienced before and not only to reinforce my knowledge but to gain more as I prepared myself to share with others. 

Eunice K.


My experience with EYB has allowed me to meet kids from all over the country, and even someone from Canada! I've truly enjoyed meeting everyone and spreading my knowledge of business to others, and I've learned a lot more about business from teaching as well!

Colleen N.


I’ve loved getting to teach other kids about the world of business and all the various facets within it. It’s been a great way to utilize teaching/learning online and expand my own capabilities to teach students of all ages. 

Ada N.


I've joined this organization in the past year and since then, was able to connect with both students and parents. It's allowed me to practice communicating effectively, communicating to various audiences, and meet new people! My favourite part is being able to engage and inspire students in learning business-related topics while getting to know them and giving any advice.



Meet The Team!

Allene Yue
Co-founder  & Co-CEO

Hi! I’m Allene, and I’m a junior at Valley Christian! In my free time, I love to tutor/teach in both academic subjects and topics like entrepreneurship, music theory, marketing, and piano. I also enjoy playing tennis as a hobby, and one of my favorite things to do is to travel with my family.

Avani Agarwal
Chief Communications Officer

Hi! My name is Avani Agarwal and I am a senior at Valley Christian interested in pursuing a career in business and social work!  I am a member of ASB, DECA, Speech and Debate, and the National Spanish Honors Society. Outside of school, I enjoy hiking, exploring, and taking beautiful pictures of nature.

Allyson Chiu
Director of Volunteer Coordination

Hi my name is Allyson Chiu and I am a junior at Valley Christian High School! Most of the time my life revolves around studying, but in my spare time I enjoy playing badminton and playing the piano. My interests include researching in biology and entrepreneurship.

Candice Chan
Co-founder  & Co-CEO

Hi! My name is Candice, and I'm from the Bay Area. I love learning about business and teaching others what I’ve learned! My main hobbies are photography and playing the piano, but I also love to read and listen to music. I especially enjoy traveling and trying new foods with my family and friends!

Jonathan Xia
Director of Marketing

Hi, my name is Jonathan Xia and I am a rising junior at Valley Christian High School. I am interested in economics, business, entrepreneurship and have participated in many classes and clubs related to these topics. In my free time, I play games, basketball, table tennis, piano, and I like to hang out with my friends.

Julia Kim
Chief Director of Website Development

Hi, I'm Julia Kim and I'm a rising junior at Valley Christian High School. I'm interested in programming and physics, and plan on pursuing computer science as a career. Outside of academics, I also play the piano and viola.

Assistant Director of Website Development
Jonathan Lim

Hi! My name is Jonathan Lim and I am a junior at Valley Christian High School. My main interests are in STEM, primarily engineering, and currently I'm focusing on becoming a mechanical or aerospace engineer. Apart from school and studying, I'm a part of a robotics program and play the piano.

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Classes Provided

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EYB is a student-led organization that strives to provide free workshops, lesson plans, tutoring, and competitions in fields related to business, entrepreneurship, and economics to youth in the US. Everything is virtual to make things easier for both our students and volunteers!

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