6th-8th Grade Curriculums

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What is Marketing?

Taught by Allene Yue

What is a Business?

Taught by Candice Chan

What is Entrepreneurship?

Taught by Allyson Chiu

What is Economics?

Taught by Jonathan Xia

What is Hospitality in Business?

Taught by Avani Agarwal

How Do You Make a Pitch Deck?

Taught by Tanya Kotwall

Tanya Kotwall

I am Tanya Kotwall, a senior at John Cabot Catholic Secondary School from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I am a huge basketball fan and I love watching the Toronto Raptors play. Plus, I like going on bike rides with my family and spending time with friends. 

What is Accounting?

Taught by Ada Ng

Ada Ng

Hi, my name is Ada and I’m a grade 11 student in Markham, Ontario. Some things I like to do in my free time can include music, volleyball, or watching shows/movies.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Taught by Eunice Kim

Eunice Kim

Hi! My name is Eunice Kim, and I am a junior in highshool. I am from Gurnee, Illinois, and attend the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. A few things that I love are business, math, and playing basketball. 

What are Ethics in Business?

Taught by Emma Baer

Emma Baer

Hi my name is Emma Baer and I am a junior in high school from Delaware. I play lacrosse, track, crafting, and I want to study business in college.

What are Human Resources in Business?

Taught by Charlotte Picardo

Charlotte Picardo

I'm a 16 year old student, in Year 12 from the United Kingdom. I’m an ambitious student who has completed 9 GCSE's and is doing Economics, English Literature and Geography along with Cambridge Pre-U. Some of my hobbies are: Acrylic Painting, Dancing, singing, reading nonfiction books and researching new information. 

Apparel and Accessories in Business

Taught by Kush Kavadia

What is Economics?

Taught by Esha Sattar

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