Seeding Challenge

Seed Club x EYB is going to host our first pitch competition, starting in May 10th. The submission is due on July 16th. This is a great opportunity for high school students age 13-18 around the world to share their ideas on incorporating one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Final winners will be announced on July 30th, and they will receive prices to support their new ventures!

Click the links below to sign-up and submit your idea!

youth internship

business internship

Competitions Info

EYB is planning to open competitions to students grades 5-12. EYB will hold a variety of virtual competitions, including constructing a business plan and pitching their idea to judges. Workshops will include small competitions to encourage friendly competition between students K-8. However, larger competitions with prize money to support the team’s startup will only be open to older students. Larger competitions will also be more widely broadcasted outside of EYB and those who are not a student of our organization are encouraged to join as well. Volunteers may join as well.

In workshop competitions, students will form teams of 2-3 or work individually to compete in a variety of small contests.


In larger competitions, students will be given the opportunity to do both individual contests and group contests of numerous topics, such as business plan competitions, marketing plan competitions, stock competitions, and more.


Our EYB team is in the process of developing our competition system. Please look forward to the launch of our first competition!


Eligibility and Requirements

Team Eligibility and Requirements
  1. Each team must consist of at least 1 student (age 13-18).

  2. The team's innovation must be original, with all team members contributing in the process.

  3. The team's idea may include aspects created by other entities, as long as the team gives credit to them.

  4. Each team must read, understand, and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this competition.

  5. Submission must be submitted before July 16th, 2021.

  6. Each team should only register once on our registration form.

Pitch Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Teams will create a pitch video.

  2. The team should surround one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

    • Indicate clearly in your pitch which SDG(s) you are working on.​

Pitch Video

  1. The pitch video should be at least 1 minute and no more than 3 minutes.

  2. Your pitch video should contain

    • The specific problem your team is trying to solve as part of the SDGs​

    • A detailed explanation of your solution

    • A competition analysis of your idea and the existing or related market for it

  3. The maximum number of members in the pitch video should not exceed three.

Executive Summary (optional)

  1. We strongly recommend teams submit a one-page executive summary of their innovation.

  2. You may include more information on your executive summary not included in the pitch video.

EYB's Young Entrepreneurs Contest


EYB is holding their first student competition, allowing students from grades 3rd-8th to compete. Our contest is split into 2 different age groups: 3rd-5th grade and 6th-8th grade, each group with one winner. However, during our Empowering Youth in Business Summit, we will be showcasing all your students’ pitch videos during our event! More details are yet to come regarding the summit. 



Your student will be creating a pitch deck on a business product or service of their choice. Whether your student wants to create a dog-walking business, a new app, or a fun, creative product of their choice, your student will be matched with one of our talented, business-oriented volunteers to help guide your child in creating their pitch deck and pitch video.


Each first place winner (of the two grade groupings) will receive a non-monetary prize. 



You must submit your pitch deck and pitch video through this form before July 16th, 2021:


Instructions for Competing:

  1. Fill out this form to get matched with a mentor to help you along your project (if you choose to have one):

    1. You will be able to choose how often you set up sessions between your student and the mentor (according to their schedule). Your mentor will help your student figure out a business idea they are excited about and will help your student create a plan for it.

  2. Next, we will reach out to you with the mentor we have chosen for you. You will be able to set up sessions with the mentor to help your child create their business plan. The first session will be an introduction and brainstorming session.

  3. Your student, with the help of their mentor, will create a pitch deck and a pitch video for their project. The requirements are below!

  4. After your student is finished, please have them submit their pitch deck and video through the first form linked (the submission form). 

    1. If your student is having trouble submitting, please email or contact their mentor’s email.


Pitch Deck Requirements (your mentor will help you):

  • Must explain the problem being solved

  • Must explain the proposed solution to solve the problem

  • Must include details about the business idea (for middle school students)

  • Must include basic marketing strategy

  • Must include basic pricing (for middle school students, please explain your reasons behind why this price is reasonable for your product/service)

  • Be creative and unique! Think out of the box.

Pitch Video Requirements:

  • The video must be no longer than 5 minutes.

  • You do not have to have your child present every slide on their slide deck if it is too long, but we recommend using their slide deck by screensharing the slide deck on Zoom, presenting it, and recording it (through Zoom). The mentor may be able to help you with this part if needed.

Click the link below to see the rubric!