CounterCovid Competition Guidelines

Calling all high school students! EYB is hosting their first ever (individual) youth pitch contest! If you’re in 9th-12th grade and interested in business or entrepreneurship, be sure to join! This competition is open to students in any part of the world, but those who have already registered to be a volunteer will have early access to updates and results, as we will be releasing information in our EYB Slack before we release it publicly.


Remember that you can easily apply with this form and can create your own schedule as a volunteer:

The deadline to enter is October 25, with the deadline to submit a pitch on October 26. Results will be out in November (will be released publicly a little later). The winner will have an Instagram post and a series of stories dedicated to the creator and their idea (depending on how much the winner is comfortable displaying publicly; for example, if you would rather hide your idea, we can still give a shout out or any other specific requests that may be made).


Many high-schoolers do not have the opportunity to enter similar business competitions at their schools. This is the perfect time to put your creativity and innovation skills to the test! Remember, everything is virtual; no matter where you're from, feel free to submit an entry!


As soon as you fill out this form to enter, we will provide you with instructions on how to submit your final pitch.

Pitch Video Guidelines

  1. Pitch Prompt: Think about an innovation that you think could be impactful during this COVID-19 pandemic. This could range from a more comfortable mask specifically designed for younger children to an app with mental health resources. Think outside of the box and ask yourself, “What is a problem that is lacking a solution in our community?”

  2. State your name, grade, and state first in your video.

  3. Describe your idea WITH AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE.

  4. Describe how you would implement this project into the real world (ex.  how you would market your product/service to consumers).

  5. We will be judging your pitches based on feasibility, creativity, and your overall pitch execution.

  6. Be creative! You can create graphics, an animation with a voiceover, or just show yourself talking! 

  7. The video must be under 2 minutes, but if you have a specific reason as to why it should be longer, please let us know!

If you have any questions, please email us or DM us on Instagram @empoweryouthbusiness and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Competitions Info

EYB is planning to open competitions to students grades 5-12. EYB will hold a variety of virtual competitions, including constructing a business plan and pitching their idea to judges. Workshops will include small competitions to encourage friendly competition between students K-8. However, larger competitions with prize money to support the team’s startup will only be open to older students. Larger competitions will also be more widely broadcasted outside of EYB and those who are not a student of our organization are encouraged to join as well. Volunteers may join as well.

In workshop competitions, students will form teams of 2-3 or work individually to compete in a variety of small contests.


In larger competitions, students will be given the opportunity to do both individual contests and group contests of numerous topics, such as business plan competitions, marketing plan competitions, stock competitions, and more.


Our EYB team is in the process of developing our competition system. Please look forward to the launch of our first competition!

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